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Pastor Matt Preaches June 16, 2019

John 16:12-15

Pastor Kim leads the devotional that opens the 2019 North Carolina Synod Assembly, telling the story of Good Shepherd's redevelopment.

Good Shepherd celebrates the growth in our praise of God during development, in our worship, in our outreach to the community and in our play together (no sound because it was accompanied by live music worship)

Good Shepherd celebrates our service to the community throughout our time in redevelopment.

Good Shepherd celebrates the growth in our faith formation ministries for all ages throughout our time in redevelopment.

Pastor Kim Preaches June 9, 2019

Pentecost Sunday

Pastor Kim Preaches June 2, 2019

John 17:20-26

Pastor Kim Preaches May 19, 2019

John 6:1-14

Pastor Kim Preaches May 12, 2019

John 10:22-30

Pastor Kim Preaches April 28, 2019

John 20

Matt Brunoehler,

Minister of Faith Formation and Outreach, Preaches May 5, 2019

John 21:1-19

"Even in the midst of grief, we can run out into the world and say, I have seen the Lord." God never stops trying to break into our dark places with light and the audacious hope of resurrection.


Pastor Kim preaches Easter Sunday

God came into the world not to be served, but to serve. (what a radical and amazing God!) Be moved to go and do likewise.


Maundy Thursday 2019, Pastor Kim preaches from John 13:1-17, 31b-35

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